Friday, 18 September 2015

Top 5 Holiday Books

For some, holidays can be the most stressful and trickiest parts of their year. For most, the greatest stress comes from planning when and where to go. However, I tend to spend the most time, and put the most effort into what I am going to bring. Most importantly; what books I'm going to bring.  I don't think that this part of going on vacations will ever become a breeze. I am here though, to try and make this process a little bit easier. 

1. It's Raining Cupcakes, by Lisa Schroeder
One of the biggest things that I look for when I'm packing up my books is what books will keep me entertained. It's Raining Cupcakes is a perfect example of this. I have read this book multiple times, and I never get bored of it. It's Raining Cupcakes is a book about a girl named Isabel and her mom, who are both bakers, and are just trying to make their dreams come true. It's not a very long book, with just under 200 pages, but it's a perfect book to sit down and enjoy.

2. The Fault in our Stars, by John Green
This book is a little bit more popular, and is another book that I have read before. The Fault in our Stars is a heartwarming book that draws you in, and makes it so that you don't want to put the book down. This book comes in at just over 300 pages, so it is one that will keep you occupied for a bit longer. I find that books like The Fault in our Stars are very good to take with you on holiday, for those days that you are stuck in the car for hours on end. This book might just makes those long days a bit more enjoyable.

3. Stolen Children, by Peg Kehret
Stolen Children is a book for those nights that maybe your sitting around the campfire, or it's late at night, and you've just settled into your bed at your cabin, and you want something just a little bit spooky before heading to sleep. Stolen Children is a book about a babysitter, who is looking after a child, and they both end up getting kidnapped. The whole book is full of twists-and-turns, and it is such a thriller. It is on the shorter side, with only 164 pages all together, but Stolen Children is definitely a great book to take with you on vacation.

4. Eon, by Alison Goodman
Eon is one of those books that I just haven't gotten around to reading yet. However, I have heard such good reviews on this book, that I know that I am going to have to try it out at some point. This is what makes this book another great one to take with you on holiday. You should always have a book or two that you have never read, because it adds a bit of excitement to the trip. If all you have with you are books that you have already read, then you might get bored. If you bring a few books that you haven't read before, then there is always that little bit of excitement factor to picking up the book to read. Eon is definitely on the longer side of books, coming in at around 530 pages. This is good though, because you always want to have some longer books with you, so that it takes up a big chunk of that free time that you have

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling
You're never too old to read Harry Potter right? If you're feeling up to it, you could even bring the next few books in the series as well. It's always good to have a series of books with you on long roadtrips or vacations, as you might have a lot of downtime to yourself. The Harry Potter series is just one example of a series of books that could last you pretty much the whole holiday. The books vary in lengths, from the shortest book being just over 300 pages, and the longest book being almost 900 pages. The Harry Potter series would definitely be a great choice for books to bring with you on a vacation.

Along with these books, I always make sure that I have my Nook with me on every holiday, just in case I run out of books to read. I hope that these suggestions serve you well, and I hope you have fun on your holiday!

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