Saturday, 19 September 2015

I am Mercy Cover Release

Hello everybody! So, for today's post, I actually have something really exciting to show you. I watch a BookTuber named Mandi Lynn on YouTube, and she is actually an author. She has written one book that she self-published called Essence, and **DRUM ROLL PLEASE** She has a new book that is coming out called I am Mercy AND I have been given the cover and the sypnosis to show you guys! So, without further ado... The cover of I am Mercy is:

 I actually really, really like this cover, and I am hoping that it will match well with what's inside the actual book!

As mentioned above, I also have the official synopsis to give you guys! Here it is:

"Imagine livng every day, knowing your family doesn't love you. Imagine living a life in a world that looks at you as a curse. In 14th century France Aida is accused of being a witch when teh Black Death wipes through her village. Abandoned by her family she is surrounded by death and disease, but when a woman who may actually be a witch tells her how to cure the plague it may mean uncovering a dark magic. But if that means being able to save those you love, wouldn't you do it? Even if they didn't love you back?"

I don't know about you, but that synopsis gave me complete chills, and I can not wait to be able to read it! I am Mercy is a Historical Fantasy novel, which usually isn't the type of book that I would reach for, but the synopsis just completely intrigues me.

I really hope that I have gotten at least a few of you guys interested in reading this book, because I for sure am! If you would like to see the video where Mandi herself revealed the book cover, you can click hereAlso, if you would like to follow Mandi on any of her social medias' then you can find her at these links:


Well, I hope that you guys liked this little bit of a different post today, because I really enjoyed creating it! I'm really looking forward to reading I am Mercy and I hope that you all are too! I am hopefully going to be having some new blog posts up in the next few days, as I have a few book reviews that need to be done. Other than that though, I will talk to you guys later! Bye!

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